How do you guarantee high quality data?

Each value is estimated using an advanced machine learning algorithm. The best way to guarantee high-quality processing data is to be assured that the forms are scanned in a clean fashion.

We recommend using a scanner to generate images if possible. When scanning, select an image resolution of 75 DPI or higher - we recommend 100 DPI.

If you're using a camera to generate images of your forms, please keep the following tips in mind:

  • Smooth and flatten the paper as much as possible.
  • Cast an even, diffuse light on the paper to avoid shadows. Try using a lamp at a slight distance or putting tissue paper over the flash.
  • Hold the camera as still and as flat as possible to get a clear image. Check to make sure the form is not rotated or at an angle. A tripod or copy stand can be helpful.
  • Capture the whole page, including edges, against a solid (preferably white) background. Make sure the form (including edges) takes up the full frame.
  • Use a mid-range image resolution (like 1200 x 1600) for the best balance of legibility and upload time. Use the greatest optical zoom to cut lens distortion.

Be sure to save your files in the PNG, TIFF, GIF, JPG, or PDF format! If your form is saved as another file type, you will need to export/save it as one of these image file types. If your original form is in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, CSPro, CASES, Adobe Pagemaker or another similar program, you can convert the file to PDF through one of the "Print" options within the program. The process varies across programs, so please consult your program's help guide for more information on converting files. 

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